Our House Plans


2-nd-image-for-illustration-by-david-vedoe-72-dpi1TinyHouseTaos.com specializes in the traditional dwellings of Northern New Mexico, just in small size.

Pueblo-Adobe Style features a sloped roof behind adobe parapets, so it looks like a flat roof, when it has  a slope

NM Territorial Style features a pitched roof and vaulted ceilings, with the traditional stucco on the outside.

The Choice is Yours:

  1. You can select the size and style of roof that suites your needs
  2. We have many excellent lot choices
  3. Select Solar (PV) or traditional heating with propane or electric
  4. Design your home the way you want it.

Click to review the PDF:

  • 840 Pueblo Style (SOLD OUT until Sept 2017)
  • 840 Territorial Style 
  • 520 Territorial Style (available today)
  • 396 Pueblo-Modern, with large pergola (coming soon) Available July 1, 2017

Purchase Your Own House plans:

If you would like to purchase a generic set of plans or have them customized to you site, we are glad to help.


  • $395. for emailed PDF
  • $595. Customized to your name, lot layout and address
  • $125. Hour for consultation and customization